Current status: Premiered
Format (Long – Fiction)
World Premiere: Directors’ Fortnight, Cannes Film Festival 2015


2015/65 ‘/ DCP
Country Chile



Direction and Script: Sara Rastegar, Ignacio Rodriguez, Amirah Tadjin, Manuela Martelli, Mariko Saga, Matías Rojas, Ofir Raul Grazier, Teresita Ugarte
Photography: Matias Illanes, Nicolás Ibieta, Ioan Miguel Littin, Inti Briones
Art Direction: Estefanía Larraín
Sound: Carlo Sanchez, Mauricio Molina, Peter Rosenthal, Rodrigo Salvatierra
Editing: Camila Mercadal, Felipe Gálvez, Danielle Fillios, Andrea Chignoli
Editing and Mixing of Sound: Roberto Espinoza – Sonamos


Laura Lopez, José Soza, Jaime Vadel, Blanca Lewin, Tomas Vidella.


Production: DW, CinemaChile, Quijote Films
Producers: Dominique Welinski, Giancarlo Nasi
Production manager: Francisco Ovalle
International sales: Salaud Morisset

With a call for more than 70 national filmmakers, the Chile Factory was launched at the end of last year and its production was concentrated during the summer. Four young directors of other nationalities visited Chile and co-directed a short film with a Chilean director, resulting not only in a cinematographic piece, but an exceptional cultural exchange that enriches and strengthens Chilean cinema networks with their peers from around the world, positioning our cinematography as one of the most interesting of the last time.


The Factory is a program of the Directors’ Fortnight, founded by Dominique Welinski, which selects four filmmakers from one country to work in creative pairs with four other international filmmakers. The objective is to produce 4 short films, which together make up a one-hour feature film that is presented to the public in Cannes. The first edition was titled Taïpei Factory and in it, Welinski brought together Chinese filmmakers with young directors from other countries. The same happened in its second edition, the Nordik Factory, premiered last year in the French contest. For the third edition, Welinski said he felt the need to look to Latin America and Chile was chosen as the country’s protagonist given the boom that the national cinema has had during the last years abroad.