Current status: Premiered

Format (Short – Fiction)

World Premiere: Semaine de la Critique – Festival de Cannes, 2018



2018/ 13’/ DCP 1,85 24fps


Country:  Chile



Cast: Benjamín Westfal ; Alex Rivera ; Ernesto Meléndez ; Andrew Bargsted ; Claudia Cabezas ; Roberto Farías


Direction: Felipe Gálvez

Script: Felipe Gálvez ; Antonia Girardi

Producers: Fernando Bascuñan ; Giancarlo Nasi

Production manager: Francisco Ovalle

Production Company: Planta ; Quijote Films

International sales: Marvin&Wayne Photography: Matías Illanes

Editing: Andrea Chignoli & Felipe Galvez

Art Direction: Amparo Baeza

Sound: Roberto Espinoza – Sonamos

Original Music : Diego Behncke

Ariel (38) gets involved in a teenager civil arrest, the guy

is accused of stealing a phone. A mob surrounds the young man and some accuse him of being guilty and some defend him. Police doesn’t show up. Ariel has to decide which side he is.