Current status: Premiered

Format (Long – Fiction)


2018/80 ‘/ DCP 1,85 24fps


Country: Argentina – Chile

World Premiere: Berlinale, Panorama 2018


Cast: Walter Rodríguez, Catalina Saavedra, Germán De Silva, Ignacio Giménez, Andrew Bargsted


Direction: Martín Rodríguez Redondo

Script: Martín Rodríguez Redondo, Mariana Docampo and Mara Pescio

Cinematography: Guillermo Saposnik

Editing: Felipe Gálvez

Art Direction: Adrián Suárez

Rodrigo Merolla Sound

Edition and Mixing of Sound: Roberto Espinoza

Production: Paula Zyngierman, Martín Rodriguez Redondo and Giancarlo Nasi

Executive producers: Paula Zyngierman and Giancarlo Nasi

Production manager: Francisco Ovalle

Production Company: Maravillacine (Argentina)

Quijote Films Co-production (Chile)

International sales: Film Factory

Marcos and his family are stallholders of a ranch. While the father and brother do the heaviest tasks, Marcos stays at home with his mother. Everyone has a future for him, but Marcos only waits for the arrival of Carnival, where he will be able to show himself to everyone as he feels. The sudden death of the father leaves the family in a vulnerable situation. The pattern of the field presses them to leave and the mother, in turn, presses Marcos to take care of the field. Nicknamed Marilyn by other adolescents of the town, it is the object of desire and discrimination.

In a climate of increasing oppression, cornered by his family and by the people, Marcos will be confronted with the impossibility of being who he wants to be.